Premium Ihram Pack (With Adjustable Belt) (ATHalal)

Premium Ihram Pack (With Adjustable Belt) (ATHalal)

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Luxurious quality 2 piece towelling Ihram set; specially designed in a unique tubular jacquard print style. Beautifully crafted in 77% combed cotton with highly absorbent properties for sweat & skin irritation and with 22% Polyamide for a super soft comfort to keep a cool feeling in mind! No need to wrap, easy to wear

This pack also includes a unique adjustable belt, removable pouch for valuables, unique re-sealable carry bag & unique large and small safety pins.

Premium Lightweight & Soft Towel Ihram
Superior Unsown Cloth in brilliant white finish
Suitable for both hot days & cold nights
Unique TUBULAR design for easy wearing
Strong; To Last Through Tough Conditions
Flexible, To Be Comfortable Whilst Praying
Absorbent; To Help Avoid Skin Irritations & Sweating

Manufacturer: All Things Halal
Weight: 1330(Gram) 


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