I Love Islam Textbook and Worsheets Book: Level 3 (With CD)

I Love Islam Textbook and Worsheets Book: Level 3 (With CD)

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The I Love Islam series presents Islam to elementary school students in an exciting and creative manner. Textbooks and workbooks gradually introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light important historical and cultural aspects of Islam. Each book in the series is designed to emphasize aspects of Islam appropriate for that grade school level. The program introduces Islam to young Muslims through both state of the art educational and authentic Islamic tarbiyah methodologies.By Level 3, students are expected to have attained the basics of Islam. They are led through more detailed lessons about Islamic principles and character building themes taken from Qur an, Hadeeth, and Seerah. The lessons are presented as stories, related in a captivating and exciting narrative style. Activities and questions are designed to nurture comprehension and analytical skills. Colorful illustrations and graphics inspire students to learn, love and live Islam. The book also comes with a CD of Qur an stories and nasheeds by Noorart.

More about this Series:
This series covers grades one through twelve and includes a student textbook and workbook, as well as a teacher's edition.The series will cover many aspects of Islam including:
1. Iman
2. Fiqh ul-Ibadat
3. Fiqh ul-Mu'amalat
4. Qur'an
5. Hadeeth
6. Seerah
7. Islamic Character Education
8. The Muslim World


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