Islam a Total Beginners Guide Part 1 - Darussalam (PB)
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Islam a Total Beginners Guide Part 1 - Darussalam (PB)

Author: Molvi Abdul Aziz

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Islam A Total Beginners Guide

In present era we are facing lot of questions:
ē What is status of women in Islam?
ē Who is superior Ė man or women?
ē What does Islam say about inter-religious marriages, manís treatment towards his wife and privacy in homes?
ē What does Islam say about dress, veil, clothing and ornaments, perfumes and the wisdom of banning gold and silk for men?
This beginnerís guide to Islam answers all such questions.

You must have heard about Islam and its adherents, Muslims, in the news. This book offers an insightful introduction to Islam and takes the reader through well-known authentic sources and takes a closer look at the Islamic Faith, the Noble Qur'an, the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah and his sayings. It explores the Five Pillars of Islam in depth and narrates the biography of the Prophet briefly but distinctly. The book presents a brief yet comprehensive survey of the basic teachings of Islam with particular stress on the significance of Islam's central belief in the Oneness of Allah or Tawhid. The book offers an in-depth discussion on the Glorious Qur'an as the Revealed Book.
Undoubtedly there is an overwhelming demand for information about Islam, and this timely book attempts to offer a comprehensive, authentic understanding of this fastest growing religion: the Straight Path. The book provides succinct, accessible, authentic, sensitive and crystal clear information on the topics that range from the general to more specific issues - what is the status of women in Islam? Are women seen as second class citizens in Islam? Who is superior - man or woman? What is Jihad?


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