Box of 100 copies: 99 Selected Duas

Box of 100 copies: 99 Selected Duas


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For Dawah purposes 100 copies of this popular dawah booklet are available for just 4.99

Get your box of 100 copies of this booklet today and distribute it amongst your family, friends and local Masjid/ Madrassah and earn Sadaqah Jariyah!

This booklet contains 99 selected Duas from the Qur'an & Sunnah for daily use.

They are presented in an easy to follow format of;
Arabic text, transliteration and translation.

The booklet includes Duas for:
  • Daily activites (waking up, going to sleep, going to the toilet, eating & drinking and many more)
  • Morning and Evening
  • After the Adhan and Salah
  • Durood Shareef
  • Salatul Istikharah (Seeking Allah's Counsel)
  • Salatul Hajah - Prayer for fulfillment of a need
  • And many more!


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