The Love of Allah
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The Love of Allah

Author: Shaikh 'Adnan 'Abdul Qaadir

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Many people claim that they love Allah, and they say: 'I prayed, I fasted, I made the Hajj and I gave Zakah. After all of this, what does Allah want from me, because I have done all these forms of worship? I have worshipped Allah.' Has this person really worshipped Allah?

He does not need our worship. We need the worship of Allah, we need Salah, we need Zakat and we need to fast. We are poor and Allah is rich, we are weak and Allah is strong, we are the degraded and low and Allah is the Most High and Mighty. We need the love of Allah.

O brothers! We relate to Allah as we relate to this world. Who from among us, when someone comes to him, says to his brother: 'I love you and I am this and that in obedience to you,' and then you say to him, if he said these words to you: 'Have you said these words from your heart?' Did he really understand what he said to you or are you merely speaking words that you have memorized.

O brothers! are we truly relating to Allah in our prayers in this manner? How many of us recite Fatihah, the opening prayer of the Qur'an, in the right manner? How many of us, when we prostrate to Allah, we feel in our hearts, humility? We enter Salah, when the Imam says 'Allahu Akbar', God is the Greatest and we remember, at that moment, all the affairs of the world.

We remember, only at this moment, the affairs of the world and we forget Allah. We remember our food when we go to prayer, we remember our friends when we go to Salah, we remember our needs when we go to prayer and we don't know what the Imam is saying, what he is reading and we don't feel any effect from the prayer except for when the Imam says 'As-Salaamu 'Alaykum'.

Do we really love Allah?


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