Concept of God in Islam
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Concept of God in Islam

Author: Hasan Gai Eaton

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The first part of the Muslim confession of faith (the Shahada) is the basis for the concept of God in Islam. The Muslim bears witness that:"There is no god but God", or "no divinity but the (one) Divinity". The revealed Scripture of Islam, the Qur'an, is like a vast commentary on this simple statement, drawing from it all its implications for human life and thought.
This conception of the Deity is strictly monotheistic and Unitarian. God alone has absolute being, totally independent and totally self-sufficient. Whatever exists or ever could exist does so by His will. He has no "partner" either in creating the universe or in maintaining it in existence. He is not only the "First Cause" hut also ultimately, the only cause, and He is Himself uncaused.


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