Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (P): 3 Men: 1 Mission
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Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (P): 3 Men: 1 Mission

Author: Dr S.M. Bleher

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History is shaped by people, and inevitably some leave more of a mark than others. Amongst those standing out, the central figures of major world religions have had an impact far beyond their own followers. The three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, continue to influence world events millennia after Moses, Jesus and Muhammad walked upon the earth. Throughout their history, they have often been in competition and conflict, even at war. Their adherents often do not realise, therefore, that their key message was essentially the same.

This booklet is intended to briefly present their lives and works and show how they complement, rather than contradict, each other. Although this account of their history is supported by verses from the Qur'an and quotations from the Bible, it is not aimed at the believer in any specific religion. Rather, its purpose is to provide a better insight into the monotheistic world-view these three men subscribed to and which has not lost any of its relevance in the world of today.

The impact of those prophets was both religious and political. They called for belief and moral conduct, and by doing so often conflicted with the established order based on corrupt practices and oppression. As the political realities differed from one period of time to another, so did the course of events in which the prophets and their followers confronted the ruling elites of their time in an attempt to reform society. Yet the underlying basis of their message, the motivating factors, and the high principles they espoused, were essentially shared by all of them.

About the Author
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher is a journalist, translator, author and publisher who converted from Lutheran Protestant Christianity in his native Germany, later moving to the UK where he headed campaigns for Islamic schools and became a founder member and general secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain. He has contributed many leaflets and booklets to IDCI introducing Islamic concepts and revised the popular Qur'an translations of Muhammad Pickthall and Yusuf Ali to make them more accessible to a modern English readership.


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