Muhammad (P) the Prophet of Islam
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Muhammad (P) the Prophet of Islam

Author: Professer Ramakrishna Rao

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There is no doubt: Muhammad matters. Those worried about the universal appeal of Islam bear witness to the greatness of its prophet by attempting to denounce him or ridicule him, knowing well that the very person of Muhammad is dearer to devout followers of his than even their own families. Yet, this cherished individual is no distant myth but a real historic person, and whoever studies his life closely inevitably begins to love him. This booklet is an example of such appreciation of God�s final messenger, may peace be with him always.

From the booklet:
"When I thought of writing on Muhammad the Prophet, I was a bit hesitant, because to write about a religion one does not profess is a delicate matter, for there are many persons professing various religions and belonging to diverse schools of thought and denominations even in the same religion. Though it is sometimes claimed that a religion is entirely personal, yet it cannot be denied that it has a tendency to envelope the whole universe seen as well as unseen. It somehow permeates, some time or other, our hearts, our souls, our minds, their conscious parts, subconscious parts, unconscious or whatever part they contain or are supposed to contain. The problem assumes overwhelming importance when there is a deep conviction that our past, present and future all hang by a soft, delicate, tender-silked cord. If we further happen to be highly sensitive, the centre of gravity is very likely to be always in a state of extreme tension. Looked at from this point of view, the less said about another�s religion the better. Let our religions be deeply hidden and embedded in the recesses of our innermost hearts, fortified by the unbroken seals of our lips.


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