Believing In Allah�s Decree (qadar)

Believing In Allah�s Decree (qadar)

Author: Muhammad Al Jibaly

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This is a simplified series of books dealing with the fundamental Islaamic beliefs. The material is well founded on authentic proofs from the Quran and Sunnah. The books are written in easy language, making them accessible to individuals with limited vocabulary.

This series covers the six pillars of Eemaan and related subjects as follows:

1. Knowing Allaah (SWT)
2. Knowing the Angels
3. Knowing Allah's Books & the Quran
4. Knowing Allah's Prophets
5. Knowing the Last Day
6. Knowing Allah's Decree, the Qadar

Each book is structured into chapters, sections, and subsections to organise learning and facilitate grasping the concepts by elementary-level readers. Furthermore, each chapter includes exercises to review and emphasize the concepts. All of this makes the Eemaan Made Easy series a valuable source of reliable study material for schools and individuals.


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