My Dua Pillow CRESCENT MOON & Travel Dua Keyring - Set of 2 (Desi Doll - Kids)

My Dua Pillow CRESCENT MOON & Travel Dua Keyring - Set of 2 (Desi Doll - Kids)

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Dua Pillow

This soft, cuddly toy is more than just a pillow!

Especially recorded Surahs for My Quran Pillow that are gentle on the ear in a soothing and melodious voice that is comforting for both children and their mums to listen to! Hear verses from the Quran: Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Yaseen and the last 2 Verses of Surah al Baqarah. These verses have been especially recorded for My Quran Pillow using a beautifully soothing and comforting voice, making bedtime a more relaxing experience.
Press one of three beautifully embroidered buttons and hear over six minutes of a  voice-over with excellent recitation with Tajweed, including:
 Press the Pink Book: Hear Surah Ar Rahman
 Press the Blue Book: Hear Last 2 Verses of Surah al Baqarah
 Press the Green Book: Hear Surah Yaseen
Adjust volume and turn on lights with the coordinating buttons.

My Quran Pillow is approximately 32 cm x 39 cm, and has stay cool LED lights to offer a soothing glow for bedtime- and the LEDs switch off automatically after 15 minutes! Use the volume control to set the perfect volume for a comfortable bedtime.

Company: Desi Doll
Dimensions: 32x39cm (approx)
Weight: 800g (approx)



Take me with you everywhere!

This cute little keychain recites the dua when starting a journey!
Travelling is an activity, which we undertake on a daily basis. No matter how small a distance is or whatever means of travelling is to be adopted, there is always a concern of safety with travelling. Therefore, it is imperative that a person asks for the protection and safety of the Almighty. Listen, learn, and memorise it. We should remember our Lord in everything we do.
 Subhaan-alladhee sakh-khara lanaa haadhaa, wa maa kunnaa lahu muqrineen, wa innaa ilaaa  abinaa la-munqaliboon.

Glory be to the One Who has plased this (transport) at our service and we ourselves would not have been capable of that, and indeed to our Lord is our final return.

Dimensions: 10x10cm (approx.)


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