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“I am very pleased to recommend the work of IDCI. The publications (to include translated copies of the Qur'an) are accurate, and equally importantly, presented in a clear and relevant manner which the vast majority of recipients can appreciate and implement with ease in their daily lives. The IDCI reaches out to both Muslims and non-Muslims and is recognised as one of the foremost ambassadors for Islam and related Dawah in the UK today. Furthermore, IDCI has the considerable courage to address and dispel the various myths arising from contemporary secular challenges, such as, the wearing of the Hijab and the perception of Islam and terrorism. I have no hesitation in recommending the excellent work which IDCI does and I hope and pray that others will also support them and help IDCI strive to new heights in its Dawah work.”

Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad, CEO & Founder, Al-Khair Foundation & IQRA TV

“I whole heartedly and sincerely endorse the incredibly important work of IDCI and I am delighted to know that they are passionately dedicated to spreading the word of Allah. I strongly feel their work needs our whole hearted support as they are perhaps the only premier organisation in the United Kingdom totally dedicated to the work of Dawah. I wish them success and hope and pray to Allah (swt) that from this Ramadhan and beyond we empower them to carry out their work more effectively by supporting them, as they say in a Persian saying, ‘by our word, by our deed, by our money and by our efforts.’ May Allah (swt) bless them for all their good work.”

Dr. Jafer Qureshi, Director, Peace TV & Muslim Aid

“Masha Allah, IDCI has been one of the forerunners for Dawah in the UK for the past ten years. They are working tirelessly to spread the genuine message of Islam by the distribution of free Qur’ans and dawah materials and have been fulfilling the obligatory duty of Dawah to the British public. May Allah reward them abundantly for their efforts. Their aspirations for Dawah in Britain are most impressive and are worthy of the support of all the brothers and sisters to continue this noble work.”

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood, As-Suffa Institute

“IDCI has been at the forefront of the Islamic dawah movement for the last decade. I personally feel that they have managed to carry the responsibility of dawah in the UK virtually single-handedly.”

Yusuf Chambers, Vice-Chairman, Peace Giving Foundation, Trustee, iERA

“Mashallah, I have nothing but praise for the efforts of the brothers from IDCI. Over the many years they have always been at the forefront of dawa activities. They are a truly proactive and positive Muslim community based organisation that serves as a model for others to emulate. Their work is outstanding, and they deserve every support that can be given to them to help continue their great work.”

Abdur Raheem Green, Chairman, iERA

“The contribution of IDCI to helping non-Muslims in the UK find out about Islam and helping Muslims understand Islam better through free conscise and reliable booklets is unrivalled. Of even greater value is having had the courage to revise the two most popular English Qur’an translations, Pickthall and Yusuf Ali, in order to make them more accessible by updating their language towards the way English is spoken today. Without IDCI a lot of ground would still have to be covered before Islam becomes a permanent fixture in the UK.”

Prof Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, Journalist & Author

“IDCI has been the leading organisation in Dawah over the last decade. Their voluntary dedication to this noble cause has inspired many to help distribute their clear and accessible literature across the UK. This in turn has helped initiate constructive dialogue and discussion whilst informing the British public about the reality and beauty of Islam and its simple message of peace and salvation. The Muslim Directory is honoured and privileged to have played a part in the promotion and success of this important cause.”

The Muslim Directory Team

“I have had close interaction with the IDCI for a number of years now and have always found them to be driven by only one desire: to spread the word of and about Islam. They have a laser focus and have not been distracted by anything in their mission. Their free distribution of literature and other resources is just one pointer to their selfless attitude and I pray that Allah (swt) gives them the taufeeq to continue their excellent and most needed work.”

Shahid Akmal, MD, Exquisitus Ltd & Student of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (ra)

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