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BooksDua and Prayers
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Daily Dua (supplications)


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Supplications & Treatment with Ruqyah (Pocket size)


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Inner Dimensions of the Prayer


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Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers

What are invocations? In a real sense these are requests which come from the bottom of our hearts to Allah Almighty. Allah is always ready and happy to receive prayers from anyone at any time.  If you're facing any difficulties or trouble you should immediately turn to Allah for help. The best invocations are those narrated by the Prophet (S). If you don't speak Arabic, you can pray in your mother tongue.When we pray we should feel assured that Allah will accept our requests. We should do so with complete sincerity and devotion. Prayers can be made at any time, but there is a greater poss...

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Prayer For Beginners

A compact booklet for a beginner containing the following subjects:Prayer Timings The partial ablution (Wudhoo')TayammumPrayer postures for 2-Rak'ahsPrayer postures for 3-Rak'ahsPrayer postures for 4-Rak'ahsTranslations of some prayersInstructions for performing prayersManner of performing prayersShort Chapters from The Noble Qur'an...

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Selected Beneficial Supplications - from the Qur'an and Sunnah

This book has been compiled by Shaikh 'Abdul-Aziz ibn 'Abdullah ibn Baz as a tool to assist the Muslims in performing this most important aspect of Islamic worship.  In it the reader will find various invocations from the Qur'an and Sunnah...

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Establish the Prayers... and The Prize is Paradise

This is a very enlightening booklet concerning the Salat (prayer), a obligatory pillar of Islam. Salaf were very dedicated to act upon it, and they strive the Ummah (Muslim nation) to act upon this obligation. About this , Rabi'ah bin Yazid said:"For the past forty years, the caller to prayer (the Mu'adhdhin) never called the people to Zuhr prayer without me being in the mosque, except when I was ill or traveling.When Amir bin Abdullah heard the Adhan (call to prayer), while he was dying, he said: "Lead me by my hand.' They said to him, 'You are ill.' He said 'How can I hear the Mu'adhdhin, ye...

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The Neglected Sunan of Prayer

The Prophet said: "Whoever performed a good Sunnah in Islam will have the reward of it and the reward of those who perform it after him." (Narrated by Imam Muslim) and he said: “Pray as you have seen me praying.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Ahmad) It is with such ahaadeeth in mind that Sameh Strauch, the author, has attempted to bring to the attention of the English-speaking Muslims some of the Sunan relating to prayer which, regrettably, are rarely or never performed in our time, in the hope that it will inspire the readers to revive them....

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Glorious Sermons From The Haram


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