Azad Leather Zipper Socks / Khuffs / Footwear (Size 9)
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Azad Leather Zipper Socks / Khuffs / Footwear (Size 9)

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Quality Leather Socks with zip on the side.

One of the most popular brands of Khuffs (leather socks), Azads Khuffs are known for durability, quality material and workmanship and good fitting.   Manufactured in Kanpur, India, Azad socks are compliant for making masah (i.e.  instead of washing the feet during wudhu, it is permissible to pass moist hands over such socks, or Masah alal Khuffain).  Because of their long history in delivering reliable, quality khuffs, we consider Azad Khuffs to be the best brand of leather socks available in the market. Ideal for making masah and use during work hours, especially in winter.

Manufacturer: Azad
Weight: 140(Gram) 


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