What Islam Is All About (PB)
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What Islam Is All About (PB)

Author: Yahiya Emerick

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Excellent, child-friendly Islamic curriculums in modern, contemporary English. The complete beliefs and practices of Islam are presented in these books in a simplistic style, age appropriate for the various grade levels. Beautiful text and engaging graphics make learning about Islam engrossing for young students. The author, an American convert, writes about Islam in a very engaging style in the vernacular of today's student. These very popular books come highly recommended.

As Muslims assimilated the English language into their rainbow of languages, the need for clear and concise literature grows. This is especially true when one considers that there are millions of Muslims whose native language is now English. In addition many seekers of truth have been yearning for a book that would present the clear and precise Islamic view of life in a format that not only invites further study and research, but that also provides the path to achieve this goal.


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