Pure Sidr Honey 100% Pure Sider Natural Raw Unadulterated (454g)

Pure Sidr Honey 100% Pure Sider Natural Raw Unadulterated (454g)

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100% pure and natural sidr honey in a glass jar. Please note that this honey is spreadable. The raw honey is from the Sidr trees and extracted by hand to ensure the highest quality of honey. No artificial ingredients were used in this honey. This honey can be spread on bread, sweeten tea, added to enhance yoghurt and for medicinal purposes also.

Some common medicinal uses for Sidr honey are: Sidr honey is used as a treatment for sinus problems cough and cold sore throat Used as a wound dressing, used to treat stomach ulcers and other stomach ailments; digestive problems. Sidr honey is also used as an aphrodisiac and boosts the immune system. The taste of Sidr honey is considered to be luxurious and the taste is rich; unparalleled to any other form of honey. People who have tried Sidr honey are said to be spoiled by the experience.

Net Weight: 454g
The honey comes in an attractive 454g glass jar
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