Simple Steps in Quran Reading Qaidah (2 Parts) - New Edition (HB PakIndo Script)
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Simple Steps in Quran Reading Qaidah (2 Parts) - New Edition (HB PakIndo Script)

Author: Abu-Saalihah Bin Ayyub

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Arabic - English

About The Book

The complete edition of "Simple Steps In Qur'an Reading". As the name suggests, only a few simple steps are required to correctly recite and pronounce the Arabic alphabet letters directly from the Qur'an.

    Arabic words taken directly from the Qur'an.
    Use of "Majidi" fonts resembling the "Majidi" script.
    Use of professional designers for the overall outlay and design.
    Adoption of colour coding for ease of understanding and recitation.

This edition has undergone an extensive revision, based on valuable advice received from scholars, teachers and parents who have used previous editions.

The whole series has been restructured, re-edited and redesigned to make it easier to use and more effective.

Features of the 'Simple Steps in Qur'an Reading' series include:

    Bright and colourful design, specially developed to make learning fun as well as effective
    Carefully organised step-by-step tuition designed to help complete beginners to recognise and read the Arabic alphabet as quickly as possible
    Arabic words taken directly from the Qur'an
    Available in both the Madinah Mushaf script (used in the Arab world) and the 'Ajmi Mushaf script (popular among readers from the Indian subcontinent)

Changes in this New Look Sixth Edition include:

    Full redesign and re-edit
    Complete restructuring of the series, reducing the three-part Qa'idah to just two parts. Thus only Part 1 and 2 are now needed to learn to read the Qur'an
    Part 3 now an optional supplement covering simplified Tajweed rules
    A new optional Part 4 featuring the whole of Juz 'Amma. colour-coded to aid practice
    Improved colour-coding and design. Each section and topic is now colour-coded separately for easier identification and comprehension
    Full reworking of the lessons using references to. and comparisons with. English to further aid comprehension
    Addition of fun and informative "Did You Know?" fact points, and 1 have learned' boxes, to provide encouragement

The 'Simple Steps in Qur'an Reading' series also has a dedicated support website, featuring:

    Additional lessons/exercises available for download
    Flashcards for each exercise available for download
    All lessons from the Qa'idahs available in interactive format
    Lessons in PowerPoint/Keynote format available on request


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