Digital Quran Pen Reader Colour LCD Screen - M11 (Tajweed Colour Code) (DQPR2)

Digital Quran Pen Reader Colour LCD Screen - M11 (Tajweed Colour Code) (DQPR2)

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This is new model of the Quran pen with 2.4 inch colour screen. The Quran Reader Pen is a reciter assisting device which is designed for Muslims/non-Muslims to learn to recite Holy Quran with an actual reciting method through its user-friendly features and interactive guiding program that makes it suitable for all ages. The best tool to read, learn and memorize The Holy Quran

The pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will show the translation text on the screen and read the corresponding text in beautiful digital sound. When the Reader pen is pointed at the beginning title of each text, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn and memorise and recite, all in just 3 easy steps point, listen and recite.

Package includes:
-Full Colour 2.4" LCD Reader Pen M11 - Can display and recite the whole Quran in Othmani Script
-Holy Quran - Complete Tajweed Holy Quran Book in well printed Othman/Urdu font on precious paper with beautiful cover.
-Al-Qaida Norania
-Sahih Al-Bukhari with Voice
-Talking Dictionary
-USB Cable
-User Manual
-Gift Box

Quran Reciters AvailablShaykh Rashid al Afasy, Shaykh Muhammad Minshawi and Qari Abdul Basit. Might come with more depending on the manufacture date.

Quran Translation Languages: English, French and Urdu. Might come with more depending on the manufacture date.


Quran book size: 19x13.5cm
Pen: White/Silver 2.4" LCD Colour Screen
Unit weight: 1780g (complete packing)
4GB built-in flash memory.
PC connection. USB allows the user to connect with the PC.
User-friendly design, high quality voice.
Clear and loud sound from the built in speakers.
Smart design LCD Colour pen with built-in speaker & built-in lithium battery.
Working temperature: -45℃ to +45℃.
Effective working time after fully-charged: over 4 hours.
Automatically power off if not in use for 3 minutes.

Package specifications:

Gift Box: Brown
Unit weight: 1780g (complete packing)
Gift box size: 25.5x24.5cm


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