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BooksWomen and Family
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Aisha The Wife, The Companion, The Scholar


Was: £7.99 Now: £6.39
A Gift for the New Muslim Mother


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Umm Aiman

Umm Aiman, another book in the series about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, is a delightfully written exploration of the life of Umm Aiman, an Abyssinian slave who worked as a maid in the house of Aminah, the Prophet’s mother. The Prophet revered her as a mother, because she looked after him and raised him after his mother’s death. The main focus is on her life in Makkah – first as a slave and then as a freed woman, how she became a Muslim, her marriage, motherhood, her migration to Madinah and her belief in the Prophet and his mission. She endured hardships bravely and...

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Ruquayyah and Umm Kulthum (The Daughters of the Prophet)

This beautifully written book relates fascinating stories about their parents, the Prophet and Khadija, their growing up in the vicinity of the Kabah, marriage, motherhood and their contribution to the spread of the message of Islam...

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Zainab (The Daughter of the Prophet)

'Zainab’ is the first book in the series about the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad. This beautifully written book explores the life and times of the eldest daughter of the Prophet....

Was: £1.99 Now: £1.59
Aisha bint Abu Bakr (The Age of Bliss Series)

Aisha bint Abu Bakr is one of the best examples for Muslims to look to for inspiration and her story sheds light on the life of the early Muslims and the Messenger of God. Aisha ensured that many of God’s Messenger’s teachings were passed on so that we can benefit from them today....

Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
Khadija bint Khuwaylid (The Age of Bliss Series)

The beloved first wife of Prophet Muhammad was his loyal supporter, trusted companion and source of comfort for the Prophet (pbuh). This “Mother of Muslims” is a source of inspiration to all Muslims with her steadfastness in the way of the religion, her unhesitating devotion to her noble Prophet, her charity, faith and compassion....

Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
Fatima bint Muhammad (The Age of Bliss Series)

Fatima was the youngest daughter of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and his most beloved. She resembled her father in both looks and mannerisms and was said to be the person closest to him....

Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
The Rights of the Parents in Light of the Qur'an & the Sunnah Author

Dr. Muhammad Bazmul, a professor at Umm al-Qura University in Makkah al-Mukarramah, discusses the topic of parents' rights at length in this vital edition to the authentic Islamic literature. The following topics are covered: " The Ruling of Respecting the Parents. " The Virtue, Fruit and Benefit of Respecting the Parents. " The Punishment for Being Undutiful to the Parents. " The Way to be Respectful to the Parents. " Various Issues and Rulings pertaining to Respecting the Parents....

Was: £4.50 Now: £3.60
The Structure Of The Muslim Family


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Our Precious Sprouts - The Muslim Family Series (Hardback - 2nd Edition)

This book covers the Islamic regulations relating to a newborn. This includes welcoming the baby. naming it, shaving its hair, circumcising it, and slaughtering the sacrificial 'aqiqah.The discussion of naming the newborn covers recommended and prohibited names, nicknames, and kunyahs. It is further enhanced with two appendices that list Allah's authentic excellent names. as well as a large number of suggested Islamic names for both genders.The discussion of 'aqiqah includes its ruling, animals to be slaughtered, dispensing of the meat, the 'aqiqah's feast, and the 'aqiqah's wisdom.The discuss...

Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
Marriage Relationship of Spouses in Light of Quran and Sunnah (PB)

Because there is no shyness in religion, this book will reveal the private secrets of marriage relationship between couples and it will also solve some critical problems with the guidance of Allah and his Messenger. 0n the authority of the islamic law and some prophetic sayingss we introdce to yout this "one of a kind " book that will be a gate to an educational station for all the details of the marriage including giving the couple back their tranquility, mercy and love. Allah id the guide to the right path and he is the source of good towards muslims...

Was: £5.99 Now: £4.79
The Status of Women in Islam - A Collection of Essays and Lectures (PB)

The Status of Women in Islam - A Collection of Essays and Lectures (PB)...

Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
Khadijah - Mother of History's Greatest Nation

You have another mother. You’ve never seen her. You’ve never heard her voice. You’ve never perhaps even thought of her as your mother. But she is your mother nonetheless. And if you get to Jannah, your mother will there, waiting to meet you. Her name is Khadijah (RA). She was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the first to believe in his message and the first mother of the greatest nation history has ever seen. As you work towards reaching Jannah, and meeting your mother Khadijah, it will certainly help if you did a little preparation beforehand an...

Was: £14.99 Now: £11.99
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