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IDCI Dawah LiteratureWhy Muhammad (peace be upon him) Matters

Why Muhammad (peace be upon him) Matters

Dr S.M. Bleher

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The content of this booklet was first published in 2014 as a chapter in the book “Mystics, Scholars and Holy Men” (Black Front Press, London, edited by Troy Southgate. It has been republished here as a response to the ongoing attempts in the media of trying to hurt and incite Muslims by attacking a historic person they hold most dear. Leaving aside the reasons why politicians and media pundits might want to insult Muslims, whilst at the same time shying away from seriously engaging them on beliefs and policies, it is obvious that one can most easily upset people by deriding those they love. In the process those not familiar with the life and work of the prophet of Islam deprive themselves of the opportunity of finding out why Muslims hold him in such high esteem. This booklet explains why Muhammad, peace be upon him, matters to Muslims and why, over and above that, he should also matter to those of other faiths or none.


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