Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 4
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Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 4

Author: Mansur Ahmad and Husain Nuri

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Each level in this curriculum begins with topics on Allah, the Qur'an, the Prophet (s), ahadith, or sunnah. The early levels emphasize the five pillars, while later levels contain more detailed studies.
In each level, several lessons are devoted to Islamic values to help children develop a sound understanding of Islamic manners, values, and morals. The lessons are designed so that teachers will have a clear path of instruction and can be covered within a 50-60 minute period. Emphasis on each lesson ensures valuable class time is not wasted.
Weekend Learning Series features a variety of activities, including word matching and scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Teachers will appreciate lesson objectives at the beginning of each chapter, built-in homework sections, and vocabulary words at the end of each chapter.
By this point, students will have learned all of the fundamental principles and concepts of Islam. Even if they do not return to the weekend school after 6th grade, students should still have attained a significant amount of knowledge about Islam.

Level 4 topics include rewards, discipline, the books, and some of the names of Allah, pre-Islamic Arabia, year of elephant, early life of Muhammad (s), Mecca period, the pledges of Aqaba, hijrah to Madinah, and more. Students will be exposed to the events that shaped early Islam.


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