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Rizq Lawful Earnings

Narrated by Umar Ibn al-Khattaab (May Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:“If you put your faith completely in Allah, He will arrange for your sustenance in the same way as he provides for the bird. They go out in the morning with their stomachs empty and return filled in the evening.” (Tirmidhee)This book discusses the place of pride Islam gives to making lawful earnings and rizq through hard work and striving. It also looks at the contempt Islam places on begging and indolence. Then it looks at which earnings are lawful, which are not and the many ways by which w...

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Human Nature in the Light of Science

Deen, life-transaction or religion in the broadest sense, is only the original natural condition of man -- the fitrah. In this book the author has tried to explain the way of human nature -- the best way of life scientifically speaking -- with proofs in detail.Siraj Choudhury is a prominent poet, writer, philosopher, and religious research scholar. Many of his works are being translated into more than one language....

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Ghusl (Bathing)


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Your Money Matters The Islamic Approach to Business, Money And Work

Pages 280   The issue of religion in business and personal financial matters may seem incongruous in the context of the twenty-first century. However, Islam as a religion has always paid attention to material issues. By its very definition of 'submission', Islam imbues every aspect of a Muslim's life, and that includes money management. Today, personal and business financial issues affect nearly every one of the billion or so Muslims across the globe in one way or another. Not surprisingly, the twenty-first century has already witnessed the phenomenal rise of Islamic fina...

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The Music Made Me Do It

Pages:282Is the issue of music a controversial one in Islam? With the prevalence of computers and various electronic devices today, music and singing seem to be everywhere, and contemporary Muslims may be confused about their status in Islamic teachings. The Music Made Me Do It: An In-Depth Study of Music through Islam and Science examines this topic in light of authentic Islamic sources, in order to clarify the prohibitions and allowances regarding music and singing. In addition, the author describes the social, psychological and physical effects of music on individuals, citin...

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Easy Good Deeds - Mufti Taqi Usmani (PB)


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Don't Worry, Be Happy

This book is a compilation of sayings and earnest pieces of advice that have been gathered directly from Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam. The book consists of many valuable enlightenments including how to deal with challenges in life, promoting unity, practicing good manners, being optimistic and many other valuable advises....

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Golden Advice Series (10 Book Set)


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The Spiritual Journey To Allah & His Messenger

The Spiritual Journey To Allah & His Messenger This Book is instrumental in explaining the true methodology of adherence to Allah book, His Messengers Sunah and The guidance of the Sahabah True to his distinguished and insightul approach in delving into the texts Ibnul-Qayyim starts off by explaining the qualitie of righteousness and piety that are required from every individual. He then proceeds to describe the true meaning of migration to Allah and his messenger , discussing in the process full submission to the messenger sunnah as an integral of true misery and true ...

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Do Not Be Envious - Darussalam (PB)

Ever heard of the cause of the first disobedience in the heavens? ENVY! That was it! Ibless (Shaytaan) disobeyed Allah, his Lord, out of envy, arrogance and pride. (See Al-Araaf (7): 12). Envy is also one of the commonest sins on earth! It is the deadly disease of the heart that destroys personal as well as communal relationships!ENVY: Its causes, its effects and hot to deal with it, is the subject of this small but beneficial book. May the one who is afflicted with this disease, fine cure in the prescription contained in this book....

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Means of Steadfastness in Islam - Salih al Munajjid (PB)

Steadfastness and patient perseverance in Allah's religion is a basic requirement that should be met by every sincere Muslim who wants to stick to the Straight Path with understanding and determination. Muslims today face many temptations and distractions. Those who consciously seek the means of steadfastness will succeed and those who are negligent will, sadly, suffer the doubts and confusion which are more severe now than ever before. Happy are those who seek the way out and join the righteous, dedicated Muslims, and who spare no effort to learn their religi...

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Tawbah:Turning To Allah In Repentance - Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (PB)

Tawbah:Turning To Allah In Repentance Every human is susceptible to make mistake. The Qur’an gives them hope and teaches them to ask Allah to take care of them and guide them to the right path. Tawbah : Turning To Allah In Repentance by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah deals with spiritual side of tawbah without neglecting the physical requirement and conditions. It is taken from the book Madarij Al-Salikin Bayn Manazil Iyyaka Na’budu Wa Iyyaka Nasta’in (The Stages of the travellers Between the Stations of Only you We Worship and Only you We Seek Help From),which is one of Ib...

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Tahdhib al Akhlaq - Hadith Guide for Personal and Social Conduct (PB)

A short volume pact with empowering Islamic examples of personal development in every aspect of daily life. It covers in short chapters topics such as sincerity in worship, maintaining ties of kinship, teaching children, thankfulness, modesty etc. It focuses on morality, manners and in this way it serves both as an excellent foundation not only for further study of the great works of hadith, but also as a guide to the Islamic way of life thus reviving the importance of Islamic moral conduct. It covers over 45 short chapters such as sincerity in worship, mainta...

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A Good Example to Follow - Sayyid Abu al Hassan Al Nadwi (PB)

A Good Example to Follow - Sayyid Abu al Hassan Al Nadwi (PB)...

Was: £7.50 Now: £6.00
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