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A Muslim's Concept of Time

An interesting discussion on the Islamic concept of time. Includes sections on the Islamic Calendar and the importance and value of time in the life of a Muslim.Time and DirectionThe Islamic CalenderNow or NeverBeyond our time...

Was: £2.00 Now: £1.60
The Love of Allah

Many people claim that they love Allah, and they say: 'I prayed, I fasted, I made the Hajj and I gave Zakah. After all of this, what does Allah want from me, because I have done all these forms of worship? I have worshipped Allah.' Has this person really worshipped Allah?He does not need our worship. We need the worship of Allah, we need Salah, we need Zakat and we need to fast. We are poor and Allah is rich, we are weak and Allah is strong, we are the degraded and low and Allah is the Most High and Mighty. We need the love of Allah.O brothers! We relate to Allah as we relate to this world. Wh...

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Who is Allah and His Prophet (Peace be upon him)

This publication presents information about Allah and His Prophet from authentic Islamic sources.  The concept of one God and its justification, His Attributes and His Qualities, His Blessings and His Graces, His Compassion and His punishment, all have been presented in an intellectual style.  The Qur'an and its authenticity has also been discussed.  The high respect Islam gives to the Prophet 'Isa, the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is clearly highlighted.  A brief but concise description of the life and mission of the Last Prophet Muhammad has been presented to clear any misunder...

Was: £3.00 Now: £2.40
Muhammad: The Ideal Prophet

This volume is a compilation of lectures given by the author in 1925 at Madras, India. In these lectures the author vividly presents the life of the Prophet as an abiding historical model - not a utopian ideal - for all humanity. This book is a must for every student of religion....

Was: £4.99 Now: £3.99
Mawdudi: An Introduction to His Life and Thought

A booklet on select features of the life and thought of the great scholar and leader of the Islamic Movement....

Was: £1.99 Now: £1.59
Prophet (pbuh) Of Mercy - Nabiyy-i Rahmat


Was: £14.99 Now: £11.99
Pioneers of Islamic Scholarship


Was: £8.95 Now: £7.16
Banking The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time

The original 1987 Norwich seminar Usury: The Root Cause of the Injustices of Our Time, whose proceedings form the core of this work, had an extraordinary effect. Here is an argument that goes to the core of the matter in one bound....

Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
The Road to Mecca

In this extraordinary and beautifully-written autobiography, Asad tells of his initial rejection of all institutional religions, his entree into Taoism, his fascinating travels as a diplomat, and finally his embrace of Islam....

Was: £12.99 Now: £10.39
Ahmed Deedat: The Man and his Mission

Islamic scholar Ahmad Deedat's biographical book. A book detailing the life of Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, one of Islam's greatest scholars and missionaries. Titled "Ahmed Deedat: The Man and His Mission," the 280-page book was written by university professor and author Goolam Vahed and published by the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), an organisation founded by Deedat in 1957 and based in South Africa. "The book entails the life of Shaikh Ahmad Deedat from the time he arrived in South Africa at the age of nine years. As he lived in South Africa, he took up menial j...

Was: £7.99 Now: £6.39
The True Islamic Etiquette

Pages:296 The True Islamic Etiquette...

Was: £5.99 Now: £4.79

There are certain universal sets of values that have been accepted and acknowledged throughout time, in all cultures, simply because they are part of the innate human nature crafted by the Creator. Truth, and as a corollary, abhorrence of lies is one such value. This is because the negatives of lies are all pervasive, and clear as day. Unfortunately, however, as with the degeneration of other values of our system, the forces of evil have been at work to erode and pure and simple injunctions handed down by Allah to all his people. Sheikh Ahmed bin Hajr has undertaken the task ...

Was: £2.50 Now: £2.00
Be Patient and Paradise Will Be Yours

Pages:88 After eemaan (faith), the most honorable trait with which man could be endowed is patience. It is the best course of action in all situations. It is a cause for Allaah's mercy and help. It is a source of spiritual joy. The final victory in both matters of the world and Hereafter is only earned by patience and the good end beings only to the patient ones. Our trials in this world are numerous and varied. Sometime, they come as difficulties and some other times in forms of ease. Situations that life turns on us sometimes could stretch our will and faith to the extrem...

Was: £5.50 Now: £4.40
The Keys to Happiness By Imam Ibn Al-qayyim

Pages:133 Happiness is something that every human desires and pursues, but people have different opinions about what happiness truly is and how it is actually achieved. Some believe it is attained through wealth, some believe through fame and some believe through position; there are numerous theories concerning this. With an estimated 350 million people currently affected by depression, happiness continues to be elusive to a significant number of people. Therefore, a vital question is: what are the keys to happiness? Imam Ibn al-Qayyim tackles this question in...

Was: £9.50 Now: £7.60
More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day


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