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BooksIslamic Studies
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Islamic Studies Book 1 - Dr Bilal Phlips


Was: £7.50 Now: £6.00
Islamic Studies Book 2 - Dr Bilal Philips


Was: £7.50 Now: £6.00
Islamic Studies Book 3 - Dr Bilal Philips


Was: £7.50 Now: £6.00
Islamic Studies Book 4 - dr Bilal Philips


Was: £9.50 Now: £7.60
The Muslim Student's Guide to University and Beyond

Are you thinking of going to university, about to apply or maybe you have already started? Well, look no further. This book is your one-stop guide to help you get through the next few years. You'll find out how to manage your time, work more efficiently and how to stay motivated throughout your course as well as how to be successful in managing all your religious obligations. Hopefully this will help you not only at university but also in your life in general. Throughout the book, there are references from the Qur'an, hadith and quotes from some of the greatest Islamic schola...

Was: £6.50 Now: £5.20
The Beautiful Names of Allah

Derived from the Explanation of Al Qawaid al_Muthla by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al UthaimeenThe Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW Said :" Allah has ninety nine names i.e, one hundred less one,and whoever complies with (believes in) their meanings and acts accordingly.will enter Paradise; and Allah is Witr (One) and loves Al-Witr."104 Color pages with Allah (SWT's) beautiful names. In Arabic - Romanized English - Short Explanation - Quranic Reference!...

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Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies Level 1-12 Full-Set


Was: £99.99 Now: £79.99 Out Of Stock
Introducing the Quran to Non-Muslims

A major misunderstanding is prevalent not only among non-Muslims but among Muslims too that the Quran is of Muslims or for Muslims. This is far removed from reality. The Quran is addressed to all of mankind and keeps a treasure open to anyone who approaches to it with an open heart and unprejudiced mind. 'Introducing the Quran to non-Muslims' is an endeavour in the direction of presenting a proper introduction of the Quran to non-Muslims and ignorant Muslims. In writing this introductory book, the author has kept in mind that he is presenting it to a person whose knowledge of Islam is at ...

Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 2


Was: £10.95 Now: £8.76 Out Of Stock
Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 3


Was: £10.49 Now: £8.39 Out Of Stock
Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 4

Each level in this curriculum begins with topics on Allah, the Qur'an, the Prophet (s), ahadith, or sunnah. The early levels emphasize the five pillars, while later levels contain more detailed studies.In each level, several lessons are devoted to Islamic values to help children develop a sound understanding of Islamic manners, values, and morals. The lessons are designed so that teachers will have a clear path of instruction and can be covered within a 50-60 minute period. Emphasis on each lesson ensures valuable class time is not wasted.Weekend Learning Series features a vari...

Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies: Level 6

Level 6 Islamic Studies book is for 10-13 year old children who have completed Level 5 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, 6th grade students should use this book. With the progress through Islamic Studies curriculum, students are now introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. The Level 6 book takes a break from the life of Rasulullah (S) in order to cover several important topics that have not been covered prev...

Was: £10.99 Now: £8.79
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