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BooksIslam and Science
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Kitab al Itisam - Mohammed Mahdii Al-Sharif

Good English translation and well Referenced Literally translated as Holding Fast (to the Sunnah) , the two volumes (in One Book) go into detail on important topics such as bid'ah, as well as clarifying actions and spontaneous actions. Al-i'tisam is one of the earliest if not the first book to be compiled about Bid'a. Imam al-Shatibi's strict analysis and complete adherence to the verification of all sciences makes him one of the unique individuals capable of determining what is Bid'a in the Islamic science. Although there is similar work written by Imam Ibn Abi Shama, the...

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Scientific Miracles in the Oceans and Animals

Water is the substance of life the magic elixir without which life on this planet would be impossible. The Quran not only mentions that the creation of all living things began from water, it also talks about various phenomena related to water like the sending of rainfall the layers of darkness and internal waves in the oceans the different colours of the seas , could and the barrier between fresh water and salt-water. Professor Schroeder one of the greatest oceanographers in west Germany used to say, "When science progresses, Religion must inevitably retreat"....

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Scientific Wonders on the Earth & in Space

Every Prophet had a miracle which he showed to his people and challenged them with. some of the prophets even had more than one sign as a definite proof that they were sent by Allah ; Challenging their nations to bring anything similar to it if they denied it. However , One such miraculous sign shall remain, complete and prserved with the command of Allah , until the Day of Resurrection. this miracle is the inimitable Quran , the everlasting book of Allah given to Prophet muhammad ( Peace and Blessings be Upon Him ) . Any one who lives after the Death of this Prophet of Merc...

Was: £14.95 Now: £11.96
The Illness and Medicine : English Translation of Al Da'a wa al-Dawa'a : The Adequate Answers for Those Who Asked About the Healing Medicine

The Illness and Medicine, or Al-Da'a wa Al-Dawa'a, is a book containing adequate answers for those who asked about the healing medicine, and when and how to supplicate.The book includes supplications for such illnesses as ignorance and unmindfulness. It shows us the effects of disobedience and sins on society and even on our own selves....

Was: £10.00 Now: £8.00
A Course in Ilm Al-Tajwid:The Science of Reciting the Quran

With an introduction to "'ilm al-tajwid" and biographies of prominent reciters, this course has 17 units explaining the most important themes, and 75 rules to make recitation clear and easy. There are practice texts in Arabic and over 1000 Qur'anic references....

Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
Man and the Universe: An Islamic Perspective

It is now obvious that something has gone very wrong in the West, and that psychological and social alternatives have become pressing issues. In this timely book, Dr Badawi reminds us that Islam has a historically verifiable track record for healing social chaos and individual tragedy. Sadly, the principles of Islam have all too often been suppressed by the deluge of educational materials, media and socio-economic strangulation from the West. Dr Badawi provides a powerful overview of Islamic metaphysics and unearths its spiritual, social and ethnic values as well as a diagnosis of modern man. ...

Was: £10.00 Now: £8.00
Wonderful Scientific Signs In The Quraan (PB)

A look at the miraculous nature of the Quran including the scientific miracles and incredible examples of accurate scientific facts found in the Quran such as about embryology and astronomy, Dr. Zaghloul An-Najjar...

Was: £4.99 Now: £3.99
What Is The Origin Of Man?

 What is the Origin of Man? Is a work of mature reflection written with the aim of exposing outmoded antagonisms between science and religion, and showing that far from standing in opposition, the two are perfectly compatible. Whatever the reader's personal beliefs, he will find here many concrete facts that are all too often overlooked when the subject of man's origins is raised. Thus, the reader will be better equipped to take a fresh look at the contribution made by genuine scientific discoveries - free from all ideology - and by the new light that has been cast on the Holy Scriptures....

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Medicine Of The Prophet


Was: £10.99 Now: £8.79
The Medicine Of The Prophet


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Islamic Medicine

In this book the author indicates the part played by the scholars and physicians of Islam, especially of Persia, in the transmission of medical science through the dark ages, from the decline of the ancient to the rise of the modern learning. He also suggests to lovers of Arabic and Persian literature that they had hitherto allowed the poets and euphuists to occupy a disproportionate amount of attention to the exclusion of the scientific weltanschauung (world view) which forms the background of these lighter, through more artistic efforts....

Was: £1.50 Now: £1.20
Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia, Cloning And Animal Experimentation: An Islamic View

Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia, Cloning and Animal Experimentation: An Islamic View have given rise to a host of ethico-legal issues. Muslims believe that everything that they own has been given to them as an amanah (trust) from Allah.  Would it constitute a breach in that trust to consent to enroll oneself as an organ donor?  Cloning could rectify the problem of infertile couples, but such technology could also be abused with dire consequences.  While euthanasia may apparently alleviate the suffering of the terminally ill, would that not compound their agony in the life here...

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Islamic Medicine - The Key To A Better Life


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