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The Bible, The Quran and Science/What is the Origin of Man? - 2 Book Set

The Bible, the Qur'an, and Science is an objective study of the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Qur'an. This book seeks to spiritually unite by highlighting similarities in the texts. It sheds new light and dispels many preconceived ideas in separating what belongs to Revelation from what is the product of error or human interpretation. What is the Origin of Man? Is a work of mature reflection written with the aim of exposing outmoded antagonisms between science and religion, and showing that far from standing in opposition, the two are perfectly compatible. Whatever the ...

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Jesus Prophet Of Islam


Was: £7.50 Now: £6.00
The Gospel Of Barnabas

Lonsdale and Laura Ragg were responsible for translating it into English and printing it in 1907 with 70 pages of introduction giving reasons why various scholars believed that this was a fake Gospel written in the Middle Ages, however M A Yousef in his introduction to this edition gives convincing arguments as to the authenticity of the Gospel of Barnabas. The name of Joseph Barnabas has never been strange or unknown to the scholars of the New Testament of the Bible, however Muslims first became aware of the existence of this gospel through the work of George Sale who mentioned it in his tran...

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Jesus In The Qur'an

Jesus in the Qur'an is especially for those who believe in Jesus but are unaware of the high regard and love for Jesus and his mother Mary that Muslims share, blessings and peace be on them - a love which is inspired primarily by what the Qur'an says about both of them.This small volume lays out the various verses in the Qur'an that mention both Jesus and Mary - blessings and peace be on them. It is simply Chapter Eleven of the more extensive work, Jesus, Prophet of Islam, by the same author...

Was: £2.00 Now: £1.60
Fear Of Allah

  Dear Muslim brothers and sisters. We can find out whether we fear Allah or are oblivious to him through some simple tests. Here are some of them:    The tongue informs us: if we talk evil, backbite and engage in frivolous gossip, it shows that there is very little concern. We should engage our tongues in the remembrance of Allah, in the recitation of the Qur’an and in circles of knowledge.    In the heart we should expel hatred, enmity, and jealousy and replace them with well-wishing and care for Muslims.    We should be careful of what we pu...

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Descent of Jesus Christ

Descent of Jesus Christ By Dr. Muhammed Muhsin KhanThis Book talks about the Descent Of Jesus Christ taken from the English translation of the meanings and commentary of the Noble Quran by Dr. Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhsin Khan.  ...

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What Every Christian Should Know About Islam

Of the many books explaining Islam, few are specifically concerned with the problems that confront those coming towards the faith from a Christian background. Moreover, the author has noted a tendency among certain Muslim zealots to ignore the common background of the Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam and to label non-Muslim worshippers as kuffar, non-believers. This book contains four sections: Christianity and Islam (specific theological differences and concurrences); the religious beliefs of Islam explained; and answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by non-...

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Christian Muslim Dialogue

This book is a result of Dr. Hasan M. Baagil's study of Christianity and the Bible over a four year period. This work by Dr. Baagil, a dedicated Muslim, reflects his meticulous and painstaking effort to present his findings clearly, concisely and thoroughly. Dr. Baagil's conversations with Christian clergy and laity during this period of study have provided the impetus for the Christian Muslim DialogueNote from the Author:This booklet has been written as the result of dialogues I had with Christian clergy as well as laity. The discussions were polite, pleasant, friendly and constructive withou...

Was: £4.99 Now: £3.99
The True Message Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, Mary's Son, The Messiah - 'The Son of God' or "The Prophet of Allah"? All of these claims just have you say, "WHO IS JESUS?!"The book is one with an objective and analytical study of the message of Jesus Christ, based on both Biblical and Qur'anic verses. So you don't only get an opinion from an Islamic perspective, but from the Christian perspective, in which Jesus plays a very important role! Isn't that exciting?The author delves into the scriptures and presents convincing points which are supported by references from major Western scholarly texts. This book guides the reader t...

Was: £2.99 Now: £2.39
Why Islam is our Only Choice

Why Islam is our Only Choice is a compilation of the numerous narratives about the lives, experiences, and previous beliefs as well as Islamic impressions and reasons of different personalities belonging to all walks of life as to why they reverted to Islam. It includes scientists, intellectuals, nobles, professionals, dignitaries, laureates, and influential etc. ...

Was: £7.00 Now: £5.60
Sunni and Shiah Perspective on Islam

A look at the Shiah and sunni Perspective on Islam....

Was: £3.95 Now: £3.16
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