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ChildrenBooksAges 9 - 12 years
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My First Prophet Muhammad Storybook


Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
The Book Of Ibns The Amazing Sons Of Islam (HB)

History, for many young people, is a boring list of names, dates and events. Our history, the history of Din al-Haqq al-Islam (Islam, the religion of the Truth) and the peoples of Dar al-Islam (The homeland of Islam), is anything but boring! This is a book full of the astonishing triumphs of Muslims from the Islamic Empire stretching from the Atlantic shores of Morocco, to the distant beaches of the South China Sea. What united these far-flung regions was Islam: the belief in one deity, Allah, and in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad (S).In the Arab world, a father or a mother can...

Was: £5.99 Now: £4.79
5 Pillars Fun Box


Was: £9.99 Now: £7.99
30 Hadith for Children : Ages 6 - 12 (PB)


Was: £3.99 Now: £3.19
Hafsah! - Childrens Book (Paperback)

An interesting story book that teaches children manners and etiquette in the light of Islamic teachings....

Was: £1.99 Now: £1.59
Ahmad Has to Go Potty - Childrens Book (Paperback)

This beautiful full-color illustrated booklet is great story book for children teaching them important Islamic lessons while capturing their imagination. It also makes a great bed time book for parents to read to their children....

Was: £1.99 Now: £1.59
The Dua of Faizah - Childrens Book (Paperback)

A great bedtime storybook for parents to read to their children...

Was: £1.99 Now: £1.59
Adventures In The Nile Vallley

During a young British Muslim boy's second visit to Egypt, he is captivated by the many Islamic movements and exciting historical places....

Was: £2.95 Now: £2.36 Out Of Stock
The Long Search

Traces the physical and spiritual journey of the well-known Companion of the Prophet, Salman al-Farsi, (Salman the Persian) in his search for truth. Illustrated in colour....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
The Brave Boy

The Brave Boy contains seven stories about the childhood of the great companion, Ali ibn Abi Talib, who, even as a child, showed rare courage and determination in committing himself fully to Islam. Through these stories, young people will see that they too can play an important role in changing their world. With 7 full color pictures....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
Stories Of The Broken Idol & The Jewish Rabbi

The Broken Idols and The Jewish Rabbi are the stories of `Amr Ibn al-Jamuh and Abdullah, both Companions of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad. Both were men of prominence but from different background; Amr was one of the chief in Yathrib, now known as Madina, Abdullah was a respected rabbinic scholar of the Jewish community in Madina. Meant for 11-14 year olds, the stories tell how one evening they sat with some friends in the courtyard of the mosque and related how they came to embrace Islam....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
The Longing Heart

This is the story of the famous Companion Abu Dhar al-Ghiffari and how he longed to meet and learn from the Blessed Prophet. The kindness of the Blessed Prophet and the simplicity of his message so impressed Abu Dhar that he had no hesitation in accepting Islam. With 7 full color illustrations....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80
Stories Of The Caliphs

These stories tell us about the inspiring lives of those rulers who came immediately after the Prophet. The Caliphs knew they had to be humble servants of the people if they were to keep them under the rule of the One God....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
Love Your Brother, Love Your Neighbour

This book vividly portrays how people should relate to one another. Mercy, charity, and kindness are discussed in these enlightening six stories taken from the lives of the Sahabah (ra)....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
Tales Of Mercy

Two stories of human weakness and how a person's true repentance, good actions, and trust in god can win the Divine Mercy....

Was: £2.25 Now: £1.80 Out Of Stock
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